About the App

Drug ID is a sophisticated, yet simple mobile application that utilizes state of the art pill recognition technology to quickly and accurately identify prescription drugs. Designed for use on both iOS and Android devices, it delivers accurate and immediate results to the consumer by simply scanning a pill with a phone’s camera. Whether the device is being used behind the counter or for personal use, Drug ID increases efficiency when sorting pills and helps saves lives by effectively identifying medications for the user.

Mission Statement

Drug ID is an application that utilizes photo recognition to identify tablets and capsules. This app will save time for medical professionals, be an aid to students, care-takers, elders and help the general population in the process of identifying pills.


















Meet The Founder & Creator

Drug Id Pill Identifier App
Rene Castaneda, Pharm D

“Like many who work in healthcare, I joined the field to help others and improve the quality of life. We Pharmacists constantly hear about situations where people experience the worst outcomes due to taking the wrong medications: miscarriages, birth defects, hospital stays and life long damage. I knew there had to be a way to empower patients to have the final check. This application was created to give the patient, the mom, the caregiver fast, easy and accurate reassurance. We are not only saving dollars in the industry but we are saving lives.”


Founder of the Drug ID App, Rene Castaneda (a.k.a the “Renegade”) graduated from Midwestern University College of Pharmacy – Glendale in 2009 after receiving a Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of Washington. She is a licensed and practicing Pharmacist with diverse experience. She has managerial experience in retail and experience in compounding, long term care and independent pharmacy. Her love of travel and international outreach continues to strengthen her passion to help others and find solutions for problems in health care on a global scale.