My medication looks different…

My medication looks different…

Generic vs Brand, I sometimes have described this as buying a black tee shirt vs buying a brand name black tee shirt with the logo on the front. They are both black tee shirts they both function the same but just a little different. So when you pick up your medication and see a “green sticker” on the bottle it may be a good time to ask questions.

What are the main things that change when you switch from brand to generic? One can generally count on the numbers on the pill changing, usually along with shape and/or color.

Although the change in look may be a little unsettling at first.  The big question is: Will it work the same? and the answer is Yes!, the reason is the medication contains the same active ingredient, it is the same drug, at the same amount; if it didn’t it could not be called a “generic”. All of these brand to generic authorizations are controlled by the FDA and have to be regulated.

So make sure you check if you ever see a change in your pills. Sometimes the switch from brand to generic can be as simple as it saves you money, availability, or your pharmacy is using a new or different manufacturer. Never feel shy or embarrassed to take a few moments to ask questions, You can also use Drug ID to verify the change is correct.

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