It’s Like Being in Willy Wonka’s Factory

It’s Like Being in Willy Wonka’s Factory

Anyone who has kids or has been around children knows the phase, where everything they encounter gets put in their mouth.  So into action we go! We childproof the house: putting locks on cabinets, moving household cleaners out of reach, putting covers on electrical outlets. All these efforts are to help prevent unforeseen accidents by curious little hands and minds. When it comes to childproofing and medicine safely, the following are additional preventive actions.  Having Drug ID App on hand, in case a medication accident does happen, is also recommended.


Childproofing the home is a great start.  We can’t child proof the world and with summer or holidays, such accidents become more frequent. During this time, whether it be visiting relatives, friends, or having guests over…one of the main risks that often gets overlooked is child medication safety.


As a pharmacist, I have had to field those frantic calls from mom finding pills on the floor and not knowing what they are. (If she had Drug ID, she would have been able to quickly identify and have the peace of mind knowing what the pills were.) Recently this topic of child medication safety was brought back to focus within our pharmacy.  A recall was issued, stating that all of the medications from that manufacturer needed to be dispensed in a child proof container. It made us think that some serious event/accident had happened.


Here are some suggestions to help keep a safe environment for your little ones, whether at home or when out and about.  A simple reminder to your pharmacy to have all medications dispensed in child proof containers is an easy first step. Having all medications labeled with Mr. Yuck stickers provides a quick and easy way for children to visually identify containers they need to leave alone.  Mr. Yuck stickers are small and easy to take when traveling and staying at homes of family or friends.


One of the easiest, yet most difficult suggestions, is to talk with your child and help them to understand that the importance of “asking before we eat something.”  Let them know that, just because they ask doesn’t mean it’s an automatic “no.” Children need help to understand that some things they eat or swallow can make them very sick.  Conversation is the key with family and friends. This can be as simple as sharing this article to explain your concerns and open a dialog for creating a safe medication environment for your children.


One can never be too safe.  Although we recognize medications, children see colorful candy- size objects that look very inviting.   Be sure you have Drug ID App downloaded to help expedite the identification of pills, in case of an emergency.   Time is of the essence in determining what medical help is needed in these types of emergencies.


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