Someone Is Always Watching

Someone Is Always Watching

During the last several years, I have trained on leadership and personal development, both on a national and international level. Each time, I have grown and learned as a trainer. My approach to training has also changed.  It is unclear whether it’s Business experiences, gained through launching an app like Drug ID or just life lessons, that have caused this change.

One word that gets tossed around a lot, is the word “leader.” Not “leadership” but “leader.” People often see a trainer as a leader, a visionary, a trend setter.  A frequent question is: What does it take to become a leader?  That is usually followed by, “How do I become more of a leader?” In the entrepreneur world and especially among my networking friends, I hear this a lot.

It seems we have forgotten that at any and all levels: we are a leader; we are inspiring others.  Many of us have heard the quote, “by letting your light shine you allow others to do the same.”  I wonder whether we really look at what that means. We have placed the word leadership on the same pedestal with those we see as leaders.

What we fail to remember is: someone’s always watching us.  Someone is always observing to see how we handle situations. It doesn’t take a stage or big acts to be a leader. When you make the right decision–that is leadership. In going the extra mile at work and demonstrating your character, that is being a leader. We see this effect on children.  They absorb so much from their parents, teachers, siblings, and any individual that leaves an impression on them. Here’s the catch – as we age, that affect never changes.

Have you ever noticed how a “negative Nancy” or “doubting Debbi” can bring down the mood of all those around?  Well so can “bubbly Bob” and “always happy Alexis” raise the mood. It’s no different with being a “leader”. The only thing is, you have to realize it. You have to understand whatever you do or wherever you are, you are leading. You are setting an example.

Don’t put leadership and “being a leader” as out of reach achievements. Understand that what you do each day is always impacting others. It’s your choice:  to positively impact or to negatively affect.. As my good friend says “don’t make all the plants droop when you walk in the room.” Be proud of where you are on your life journey. Do things not for the recognition, but for all those around you, watching for the inspiration.

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