Why use Drug ID?

Drug ID is the leader in handheld photo recognition technology for pharmaceutical medications. It aids in reducing errors in medication dosing while safeguarding that medication dispensing and delivery is accurate to consumers by providers.

Where should Drug ID be used?

Drug ID can be used to identify pills as a mobile application at:

  • Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and nursing homes.
  • Universities, colleges and other educational institutions.
  • Home, work, or anywhere you take your phone.

How can Drug ID help?

Drug ID is the quick, easy, and accurate way to identify pills and helps:

  • Reduce errors to safeguard that you receive the correct medication.
  • Emergency responders recognize a patient’s medication.
  • Efficiency in retail; when pill recognition is necessary for customer requests, disposal or distribution procedures.

Who should use Drug ID?

Anyone who consumes pills or works with the production, administration, distribution, or management of pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Medical Professionals and Students
  • Nursing Homes or Caregivers
  • Emergency Responders or Law Enforcement
  • Parents or Family Members
  • The General Public